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Parent Name Badges

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Parent Name Badges - Your Security Pass on Campus!

Please wear your Parent Name Badge each and every time you come onto the School campus for any reason, at any time, including Tuckshop Duty, attending Saturday sport, collecting your children or for parent/teacher meetings.  Members of staff - especially Special Duties Staff and our contract security personnel - are instructed to challenge you if you come onto the campus without your name badge.  Name badges help everyone - they help us to identify you by name and greet you as a parent; they help other parents to know you by name; and they assist us to keep your children safe, by requiring adults who have a reason to be on campus to be able to be identified.  Please help us to recognise you as a parent member of our School Community, and help us all to keep your children safe!

If you have lost your name badge, please complete the form below for a new badge to be supplied. Please note that orders for Parent Name Badges are placed in January and again at the start of Term 3.  

Haven't found the information that you are looking for? Please contact the BCMA's Communication Officer and she will endeavour to help you or via reception 9847 8399.

Parent Name Badges

If for any reason you have lost your name badge, or have not received one, please complete this form with your PREFERRED NAME. The School requires that all parents wear their name badges whenever they are on the School campus for recognition and security purposes.


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