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About Barker

At Barker we have maintained a passion for teaching and learning for more than 125 years. We pride ourselves on the special School Community that exists – the sense of closeness and inclusiveness that parents and students alike come to value and appreciate about the School.

In 2016, Barker College announced that commencing 2018, it will begin the transition to full coeducation. It is a very exciting time in the history of our School. This move will complete the Barker coeducation story which began in 1890 when girls were part of the first enrolment of the School and then continued in 1975 when girls were enrolled into the Senior School.

We are focused on the future; we want all Barker students to come together to make the world a fairer place and this commitment to justice and equity begins at school. Coeducation prepares students for life beyond the Mint Gates and therefore a Barker College education prepares students for life.

Here at Barker every student is made to feel special because we value him or her for the unique individual he or she is.  As Head of School, Mr Phillip Heath, highlights "it is extremely important to remember that all experiences we provide here at Barker College pre-eminently should be about education. All that we do must reflect our Values and our Mission: To inspire and to show commitment, compassion, courage, integrity and respect under God".

Our teaching staff is particularly well qualified and the School Council invests heavily in their continuing education. Many of them are lifelong learners, undertaking additional study including the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Teaching for Understanding.

Students at Barker are taught how to think independently, clearly and creatively, regardless of the subject matter they are studying. Every boy and girl from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 has the opportunity to contribute his or her own thoughts and opinions.

Barker College has always been a dynamic and forward-thinking school. We hope you will experience the energy and diversity of Barker as you explore the various sections of this website.