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Class of 2016 - HSC Results

Download the 2016 HSC results. 

To the Barker College Community,

I am delighted to share with you the outstanding HSC results from the 2016 Year 12 graduates. These results were released to schools and to the students on 15th December. The report that follows refers solely to the HSC results. As you will see, the School warmly congratulates all of our Year 12 students for their remarkable achievements.

Barker came 33rd in the State, according to the Herald tables published on 15th December. Last year we were 47th and we have historically been in the mid-40’s for the past 15 years. This is a tremendous improvement and has come about through the conscientious efforts of students, sound work ethic in the learning culture and some important new initiatives that we set in place in 2016. Barker is a non-selective school and we are greatly encouraged to see the exceptional effort that our students invested in their work. This augurs well for their future in whatever endeavour they choose to pursue. 

The Heads of Department, Tutors and all staff should be congratulated for their support of their classes. The students achieved 31% Band 6’s (or E4) from the number of exams sat, which is an outstanding result. The students worked together wonderfully well demonstrating that cooperation is more effective than competition in high performing schools. 

Some highlights:

  • Only 5 schools scored more Band 6’s (or E4) than Barker
  • Barker scored 30 All Rounders (nearly double of 2015)
  • Barker scored 553 Band 6’s (or E4) - this is a record
  • 8 students scored places
  • 190 students scored at least 1 Band 6 (or E4)

In particular the English results were magnificent with 70 Band 6 results in English Advanced. 
The HSC League Tables published in the media fail to capture the countless stories of outstanding effort by students who lift themselves into higher bands by consistent and focused efforts. I honour them for their dedication.

The 2016 Year 12 led our community with distinction. They know the value of a rounded education and were fully committed to the life of Barker College in all its diversity and strength. They also opened new avenues of care and compassion, reaching beyond the “Mint Gates” in countless ways. Their contribution to the cultural, sporting and academic life of the School has been outstanding. For this we give thanks to the Lord for the blessing that the 2016 Year 12 has been to our community.


Phillip Heath
Head of Barker College

Highlights of the 2016 results

For the 7th straight year a Barker student has attained the maximum possible ATAR. Edward Koorey achieved 99.95

Top Place Getters
The School achieved 8 top places.

All Rounders

The School achieved 30 All Rounders (top bands in all courses) View a full list of our High Achievers and place-getters.

Top Bands

The School achieved 553 top bands by 190 different students. To gain a top band, the student’s aligned marks had to be at least 90%. This is an impressive result from a non-selective school. View our full list of Distinguished Achievers.

Major Works Nominations

Barker students have been rewarded with 32 nominations for possible inclusion in the Board of Studies Showcases. View the nominations here

Top Two Bands

Whilst much public emphasis is placed on the top band, the School takes much delight in noting that 72% of our students were placed in Bands 5 and 6, which vastly exceeds the State average of 37%.

ATAR figures

ATAR Number of Students % of Barker Cohort
>95 71 22
>90 146 45
>70 271 84
>50 310 97

NB: These ATAR’s have been calculated from the HSC marks provided by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and UAC 2016 scaling points.