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To hear the latest wet weather information access the Barker App - Sports Venues and Fixtures or call 9847 8398 after 7.00am.

Saturday Sport Injury/Illness

Years 7 - 12

If your son is in Years 7 - 12 and unable to attend sport on Saturday due to injury or illness, please notify the Director of Boys' Sport at: .

Junior School

Students in the Junior School should notify Andrew Cameron at

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To preserve the sound educational and social practices of our games program, please familiarise yourself with the CAS-ISA Code of Conduct.

Last updated Wednesday, 29 March 2017 12:17:29 PM

Saturday 1 April 2017

Team Opponent Venue Time
1st Oakhill Barker Oval 3.15
2nd Oakhill Barker Oval 2.00
3rd Oakhill Barker Oval 1.00
4th Oakhill Barker Oval 12.00
5th Oakhill Barker Oval 11.00
6th Internal Trial Barker Oval 8.00
16A Oakhill Barker Oval 10.00
16B Oakhill Barker Oval 9.00
16C Oakhill Rosewood A 8.00
15A Oakhill Rosewood A 2.00
15B Oakhill Rosewood A 1.00
15C Oakhill Rosewood A 12.00
14A Oakhill Rosewood A 11.00
14B Oakhill Rosewood A 10.00
14C Oakhill Rosewood A 9.00
13A Oakhill Taylor Field 12.00
13B Oakhill Taylor Field 11.00
13C Oakhill Taylor Field 10.00
13D Oakhill Taylor Field 9.00
Team Opponent Venue Time
Invitational Squad Oakhill Invitational Clarke Road Tennis Centre 8.00am - 10.30am
(Selected Squad Only)
Team Venue Time
Open Squad Hornsby RSL Hall 8.00am - 10.00am
U15 Squad Hornsby RSL Hall 10.00am - 12.00pm
Team Opponent Venue Time
Squad Grading Wyllie TKD Willoughby 9.00am - 11.00am
Team Opponent Venue Time
1st No Trials
2nd No Trials
3rd No Trials
Team Opponent Venue Time
1st Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 10.15
2nd Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 9.00
3rd Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 8.00
4th Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 12.00
5th Barker 6th XI Rosewood B 1.00
6th Barker 5th XI Rosewood B 1.00
7th Barker 9th XI Rosewood B 12.00
8th Barker 10th XI Rosewood B 2.00
9th Barker 7th XI Rosewood B 12.00
10th Barker 8th XI Rosewood B 2.00
10A Oakhill Lawrence Oval Oakhill 9.00
10B Oakhill Lawrence Oval Oakhill 8.00
10C Barker 10D Rosewood B 10.00
10D Barker 10C Rosewood B 10.00
10E Barker 10F Rosewood B 11.00
10F Barker 10E Rosewood B 11.00
9A Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 3.00
9B Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 2.00
9C Oakhill Hermann Oval Oakhill 1.00
9D Internal Trials Phipps Field 10.00
9E Internal Trials Phipps Field 10.00
9F Internal Trials Phipps Field 10.00
8A Oakhill Lawrence Oval Oakhill 12.00
8B Oakhill Lawrence Oval Oakhill 11.00
8C Oakhill Lawrence Oval Oakhill 10.00
8D Barker 8E Phipps Field 12.00
8E Barker 8D Phipps Field 12.00
8F Barker 8G Phipps Field 11.00
8G Barker 8F Phipps Field 11.00
7A Oakhill BC Oval Oakhill 11.00
7B Oakhill BC Oval Oakhill 10.00
7C Oakhill BC Oval Oakhill 9.00
7D Oakhill BC Oval Oakhill 8.00
7E Barker 7F Phipps Field 9.00
7F Barker 7E Phipps Field 9.00
7G Barker 7H Phipps Field 8.00
7H Barker 7G Phipps Field 8.00
Team Host Venue Time
Squad Cranbrook Mutch Park Pagewood 9.00am
Team Opponent Venue Time
1st Newington Newington Gym 9.30am
2nd Newington Newington Gym 11.00am
3rd Newington Newington Gym 8.30am
Team Opponent Venue Time
Opens Gala Day St Ignatius Riverview Field 4 9.45am - 12.40pm
Y09/Y10 Gala Day Bat and Ball Oval Moore Park 8.30am - 10.35am
Y07/Y08 A Gala Day ELS Hall North Ryde 12.15pm - 2.00pm
Y07/Y08 B Gala Day ELS Hall North Ryde 10.30am - 11.50am