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Words of Advice from Perfect ATAR

Ed KooreyAt a special Academic Assembly held at Barker College in February, students from the Class of 2016 were recognised and shared their insights with the current Year 11 and 12 cohorts.

Edward Koorey, who scored a perfect 99.95 ATAR, shared his experiences and offered his perspective on the challenges this year’s Year 12 Barker students will face.

“First, don’t worry!” Edward said. “Sure the HSC is hard work and a long haul, but people build way too much pressure around it.”

“The main thing I would recommend is to stay balanced. Throughout Year 12 I was involved in sport teams, music ensembles and a youth group. These activities, as well as leaving time for friends and relaxing, are really important to keeping yourself happy and healthy,” Edward said.

Edward also advised the current Year 12s to be focused and efficient.

“Whilst the HSC may seem like some scary, insurmountable beast, if you approach it day-by-day, assessment by assessment, it is really manageable.”

For Anna Stewart-Yates who was placed 10th in the State for English Extension 1, maintaining perspective was really important.

“Secondary education is an opportunity that a quarter of the world’s population will never have and over a third of the world’s women, so I considered myself privileged to have this opportunity.”

Ignoring the hype, looking after your mind and not giving up a social life, all helped Anna keep the HSC in perspective.

Barker’s Class of 2016’s performance shone across all endeavours – academic, cultural, sporting, and environmental and community service.