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Growth of Ag


Agriculture at Barker has continued to increase in popularity over the past decade, from four classes in 2007 to 15 classes in 2016 across Years 9-12.

Barker’s Year 12 2017 cohort of 68 students across four classes will be the largest group of HSC Agriculture candidates from any school in NSW. They will make up approx. 5% of the total HSC Agriculture students in NSW next year.

Students choosing Agriculture at Barker has increased in every year group. There are now 55 students in Year 9, 85 in Year 10, 60 in Year 11 and 68 in Year 12.

Barker’s Co-ordinator of Agriculture, Scott Graham said, “It’s really encouraging to see our numbers increase given the subject is voluntary all the way through, and we are a city based school.

“Students seem to be enjoying the subject, finding it relevant to their lives, and many seeing a future in it. With the world needing to roughly double food production by 2050 and more than six jobs available for every Agriculture graduate out of university, it is encouraging to see so many of our students not only keen to do Ag at school, but also many progress to University and into Agriculture once they leave Barker.”