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Cooperation vs Competition

Barker Yr 12 Final Chapel
Some years ago, Alfie Kohn wrote what at the time was a radical challenge to one of the basic assumptions about how high performance systems function. In his book, "No Contest", Kohn points out that fierce competition between people does not necessarily spur us to better achievement levels. It turns out that cooperation can be far more powerful than competition. Setting the results of one student against another as a means of motivating them to higher levels of effort and attainment can be destructive at times.

Demonstrating that cooperation is more effective than competition in high performing schools, the 2016 Year 12 cohort at Barker College have achieved outstanding HSC results.

For the 7th consecutive year, a Barker student has attained the maximum possible ATAR. Edward Koorey from , achieved 99.95. In addition, 45% of students achieved an ATAR of 90 or more and the School scored a record 553 Band 6’s by 190 different students, including 70 Band 6’s in Advanced English. Only five other schools scored more Band 6’s than Barker.

Head of Barker College, Mr Phillip Heath, said, “This is a tremendous result and has come about through the conscientious efforts of students, sound work ethic in the learning culture and some important new initiatives that we set in place in 2016.

Barker is a non-selective school and we are greatly encouraged to see the exceptional effort that our students invested in their work. They also opened new avenues of care and compassion, reaching beyond the school gates in countless ways.”