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Old Barker Association

We want to hear from everyone about everyone. W C Carter, Headmaster 1905-1929

The Old Barker Association (OBA) is the oldest of Barker's support groups, and celebrated its Centenary in 2008. Founded as the Old Boys' Union in 1908, it became the Old Barker Association in 1976 with the first girls from the introduction of co-education in 1975 graduated.

Its members currently number almost 15,000 past students of the School. The OBA provides significant support to the School, ranging from major capital projects such as The Marks Pavilion, and the OBA Outdoor Stage, through to careers advice on careers evenings to clubs for former students including:

  • OBA Theatre Group
  • BOBs Rugby Club
  • Barker Old Girls' Hockey
  • Old Barker Football Club
  • Barker Old Boys' Cricket Club
  • OBA Athletics Club
  • OBA Big Band
  • OBA Choir
  • OBA Netball Club
  • Over 70s Club

The OBA funds sporting tours for students, and has provided players' uniform items, as well as awarding medals to student sportsmen and women who contribute the most to their team each season. The OBA also supports a scholarship for descendants of past students.


OBA President                      Director of Alumni Relations               

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Tony Gamson (78)                       Mandy Loomes

0458 564 556                                          (02) 9847 8229