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Student Care

Barker’s approach to Student Care stems from a fundamental belief that relationships are the key – the key to success in learning and teaching; the key to effective and appropriate development as an individual; the key to bringing staff and students together. There’s always a place for grace, for compassion and for collaboration with others. Our Values reflect this - Commitment, Compassion, Courage, Integrity and Respect.

Sharing in a quality relationship with members of staff through Student Care is vital to the development of each individual student and is a primary concern of every member of staff at the school.

Learning Support

Learning Support is provided for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, providing academic care and assistance to students who may require support in their school work. 

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Barker supports the development of each individual student, and is a primary focus for every member of staff at Barker.

In the Prep and Junior School the welfare of each student is the responsibility of their class teacher, who monitors their academic progress and personal development.

Each student in the Middle School is a member of a house, a community of students in Years 7-9, under the care of a Head of House. They are responsible for the academic progress, welfare and well being of the students in the House, and is the first point of communication with parents.

In the Senior School, students have a Tutor who provides a link between home and School and monitors the progress and welfare of each student in a mentor-like role.

Bullying and Harassment

At Barker College bullying in all its forms - physical, emotional and verbal - is totally unacceptable. The School has systems of pastoral care and discipline which respond immediately to cases of bullying when they arise.


Barker's Chaplains are available to meet with students and their families to discuss personal issues that may arise from time to time. Pastoral matters are also addressed in Chapel services, in the classroom and during Christian studies lessons. Barker Youth Workers also provide pastoral support for individual students during lunchtime activities such as Cru (Crusaders) Group. They offer a listening ear, words of encouragement and a Christian perspective to students. Students and parents are welcome to contact the School Chaplain on 9847 8353.

Careers and Counselling Centre

The School Counsellors and Careers Adviser are located in our dedicated Careers & Counselling Centre.  Advice and resources are available to students and parents in the Centre at any time during the school day.  Post Year 12 support is also available from both the Counsellors and the Careers Adviser.  Students and parents are welcome to contact the Careers & Counselling Centre any school day on 9847 8365.