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Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

In 1918 John Franklin Bobbitt pioneered the concept of the curriculum: “The word curriculum is Latin for a race-course … a place of deeds … it is that series of things which children and youth must do and experience by way of developing abilities to do the things well that make up the affairs of adult life.”

The Present Barker Curriculum – dynamic and flexible

Curriculum is the core business of any school and the teaching staff at Barker College are committed to a whole-school approach to curriculum development and delivery; the material of the curriculum being various and flexible enough to cater to the needs of every student. Barker has prioritised a curriculum that values thinking and understanding.

As a registered and accredited school with the NSW Board of Studies, Barker College students sit the Higher School Certificate. Strong HSC results are also a priority for our School. This is not only because of the notable academic tradition that the School has enjoyed since its foundation in 1890, but also because of the strategic aim in providing the highest possible quality in education. HSC results are one of the ways of measuring this. Furthermore, student HSC results have a direct relationship to entry to tertiary education. As a “bridge to university”, Barker recognises the need for students to obtain strong ATAR results in order to maximise opportunities for university study.

Bridge Between School and University

Eighty to ninety percent of our students in Year 12 proceed to study at university or other tertiary institutions. This raises a variety of needs. As a student moves into the senior years, there is an increasing need for learning and teaching at Barker to reflect the environment into which students will go when they leave school, as well as to provide students with the required capabilities to achieve personal goals related to further or higher education and training as well as employment. Barker’s student profile also raises the need for teaching and learning to accommodate a variety of learning styles and learning needs.

In 2016 Barker underwent a registration and accreditation inspection with the NSW Board of Studies for years Pre K-12 and received high commendations for the quality and depth of the curriculum offered across the School. We are proud to have first class teaching programs, assessment instruments and resources in all teaching departments. Our teaching programs are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest educational research and Board of Studies’ requirements enabling our students to run their course in learning, and, in so doing, become lifelong learners.

For more information visit: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/

Towards an Australian Curriculum

Barker College has been a leading school in the development of the Australian Curriculum. The School was one of only eighteen schools from New South Wales to be involved in the 2010 Australian Curriculum Trial. The learning and teaching programs, resources and work samples that were developed at Barker during the trial will set the standard for teachers around the nation.

Barker’s teaching staff and learning support team are also involved in the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership’s Professional Learning Flagship Program: Leading Curriculum Change. They are working with teachers across Australia to develop and review Australian Curriculum project plans.

Implementation commenced in 2014, in conjunction with the Board of Studies’ guidelines. The new English curriculum will be taught from K-6, whilst English, Mathematics, Science and History will be taught in years 7 and 9. Staff in these subject areas are devoting considerable time and professional development to creating quality learning and teaching programs. Teachers in other subject areas continue to be actively involved in the curriculum development process.

For more information visit: http://www.acara.edu.au

Contact Us

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Director of  Teaching and Learning
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Dr Brad Merrick

Director of Research In Learning
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