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Inspiring Global Hope

The Barker College community values our abiding commitment to a strong academic program and to effective pastoral care delivered in an authentically Christian setting.  We delight in the engagement of our students in a diverse co-curricular program that is operated by our own teaching staff. Our strategic plan, Inspiring Global Hope 2015 - 2020 seeks to enhance these strengths.  Our community also seeks a new spirit of innovation and global mindedness, one that lifts our horizons beyond the confines of our upper north shore setting.

We seek to equip our young people who, when they graduate from Barker College, will pass through the Mint Gates and enter the world beyond with a sense of expectation that they will be part of the solution to the great challenges of the future. Put simply, the School seeks to inspire hope in others and be a source of hope for the future.

The School now stands at a fascinating moment in our long history because we stand on the shoulders of the dedicated and skilful leaders of our past who, under God, have built up Barker to its present significance.  It is now our responsibility to enhance this legacy and to ensure that the School continues to serve the lives of our students in new and inspiring ways that are fit for the future.