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Christian Environment

Barker College is an Anglican School and welcomes students from a variety of Christian denominations and other faith traditions.

Barker’s educational philosophy is grounded in the precepts of the Christian gospel and in Christian teaching, and Christian values undergird all that we do. The School strives to offer each student the opportunity to come to a closer understanding of the Christian faith, and the teaching staff draw upon their personal and professional qualities in ways which provide our young people with a constant example of Christian living.

The School expects that parents, who may not necessarily themselves share the Christian faith, will nonetheless encourage their sons and daughters to approach Christian teaching and Christian precepts receptively and openly, and that they will attend special family worship services each year with their sons and daughters.

Message from the Chaplain

Barker College is a Christian school. It was founded by the Reverend Henry Plume and later purchased by the Anglican Church. Both wanted to provide young people with an education that would take place in a Christian context. They believed this was in the best interests of students. We do too.

All students and teaching staff attend a Chapel service at least once each week. On each occasion, Barker’s Christian identity and mission is articulated and affirmed. We make explicit the core values that arise out of the Christian Gospel. We seek to commend that Gospel and those values. We invite staff and students to embrace them. These services are led by one of the School’s three chaplains and include singing and prayers, as well as a Bible reading and talk.

Christian Studies is a core subject for each student. While a personal confession of Christian faith is not required, students are invited to explore the big questions of life; to engage in dialogue with others who may have beliefs different to their own; and, in particular, to be open to explore the central teachings of the Christian faith through the study of the Bible. In other subjects, as well, students should expect, from time to time, to be challenged to consider issues from a Christian perspective.

As a sign of our commitment in providing pastoral support for our students, Barker College has appointed several youth workers. Barker's youth workers encourage students to investigate the Christian faith and to grow in their relationship with God during their time at Barker.  Each of the youth workers is available to meet individually with students and they also organise several small groups. These voluntary Christian groups are provided for the different year groups (from Year 6 to Year 12) during lunch time. There are also larger Prep, Junior, Middle and Senior School meetings, called ‘Crusaders’, where students gather to pray, read the Bible and receive Christian support and encouragement.

One of the highlights of each year is our Senior School Weekend Away at Galston held on the first school weekend of the year. It is organised by the youth workers and offers new Year 10 students the opportunity to forge friendships and to be introduced to aspects of the Christian life at Barker in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Reverend Jeff Ware