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Barker Service Partnerships

Service Partnerships at Barker is a school wide program which seeks to develop each student's head, heart and hands so that they will leave Barker with a reason, a will and experiences that are transformative for them and empowering to those they serve.
  • Head (Think) developing students’ minds so that they understand the reasons for service and what it means to have a just society.

  • Heart (Feel) transforming students so that they may be empathetic and compassionate towards others.

  • Hands (Do) providing meaningful opportunities for students to empower others and to be served in return.

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Service partnerships at Barker are about:

  • Individuals using their abilities in creative and courageous ways to find solutions to social and environmental challenges.
  • Growing meaningful relationships beyond ourselves; engaging actively, collaboratively, compassionately to build respectful partnerships which are mutually beneficial.
  • Empowering actions that are just, bold and transformative.

The appointment of Service Captains in 2016, is a new leadership position established to help develop a greater focus on service partnerships in the School. The establishment of the Darkinjung Barker campus in 2016, has also seen the creation of The Triangle Effect, an initiative of Year 12 student, Devlin Gunzenhauser.  Students from the Senior, Junior and Darkinjung campuses participate in a peer mentoring program which focuses on three areas - leadership, mentorship and fellowship.